How To ReInstall McAfee LiveSafe ?


McAfee LiveSafe is the best product of mcafee and when user purchased a new computer or PC So it is already installed in their system. And if user want McAfee LiveSafe Reinstall then they can easily do that.

If McAfee operates on your computer, the problem will probably be resolved when the program is reinstalled. Do this as soon as you have trouble; your device may remain vulnerable until the problem is resolved. Since they are linked to every folder on your computer, virus programs require somewhat more effort than most other software to reinstall. McAfee, though, offers a method for automating a lot of the process. Some easy steps are as follows as ;

Step: 1
Disable the Windows software. Select the software that you would like to update and press “Delete” or “Uninstall” to select the application you want to install.

Step: 2
Run the device to uninstall McAfee. The file named MCPR.exe can be downloaded from McAfee Support (link in Resources).

Step: 3
Install your McAfee product from scratch. Use the CD or free to download the software (link to Resources) if you purchased it yourself. If the program is supported by your ISP or PC distributor, contact them for the installation file. The McAfee Support website ( provides links to major businesses.

Step: 4
Now, Restart your computer.

Note: If user still having trouble in reinstalling McAfee LiveSafe so, Go to 

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